Thursday, September 5, 2013

When in doubt, eat salt and vinegar chips.

Getting nauseous while being around students was bound to happen. It did, today, but I got lucky, and it was during office hours instead of during class. I am attending classes from a local retired RN (registered nurse) who has found that low salt intake is strongly correlated with morning sickness. In fact, most of the women she consults avoid morning sickness altogether thanks to her salt advice. So, early this morning, when I was getting amped up about conferences and publication with an English major of mine, and the nausea grabbed me by the guts and wouldn't let go, I dove for the salt and vinegar chips, explaining I was suddenly feeling unwell (my students all know I'm pregnant, as I think I mentioned in my first post). Instant relief. Awesome. I kind of feel bad about chomping on chips in front of my student. I'd've offered him some, but they had been packed next to a banana in my bag, and they tasted really, really strange. Maybe it's just the pregnancy tastebuds, but still. I didn't want him to think they were, I dunno, tainted or something. Because who likes banana-tainted salt and vinegar chips? I didn't mind it that much. My stomach was happy with the salt. And my student is an awfully good-natured fellow and we moved on like nothing happened. I'm still praying I don't throw up in front of/on anybody while I'm teaching or meeting with students. Fifteen weeks tomorrow. C'mon, second trimester... you're supposed to be the best! In other news, got word that an article I co-authored is being published in one of the top journals in a different field I'm also affiliated with. It has a respectable impact factor and everything. I'm totally chuffed. It's the first journal article where I'm a major player (I'm the second of the two authors). Big and little victories.

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